Delicious Sandwich Fillings to Satisfy Your Appetite

Fully loaded Our greatest sandwiches, whether cheesy, spicy, creamy, crunchy, meaty, veggie, or sweet, on white, sourdough, crispy baguette, warm flatbreads, or toasted pittas, will improve your sandwiches.

Falafel sandwich Falafel, with its soft heart and crisp shell, is surprisingly simple to create. Just blend wet chickpeas with garlic, herbs, and spices and shape them into balls to cook. 

Scampi po'boys For a quick lunch, baguettes are filled with hot breaded scampi, lettuce, crisp pickles, and garlicky mayo. Though not traditional in Louisiana, they're excellent and would go perfectly with fish fingers!


Jalapeno, Cheddar, and Parmesan toasties Adding strong, mature Cheddar, salty, savory Parmesan, and crunchy, fiery jalapeño peppers to a melted cheese toastie makes it even better.

Masala omelet sandwich British-Indian fusion: A hot chili and tomato omelet fills buttered white toast. Tradition requires ketchup! A 10-minute comfortable lunch for one.

Chicken sandwich. It barely takes one hour to poach and shred an entire chicken. Shredded chicken retains moisture and makes a terrific sandwich filler. Chili or barbecue sauce or salad and mayo.

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Chicken gyros Herby, spicy chicken, cucumber tzatziki, and tomato salsa fill a pitta. Add salad for a tasty, nutritious supper.

Meatball sub When is a meatball sub bad? This recipe yields four tomato-sauced meaty sandwiches. Grill mozzarella, smoked cheese, or Cheddar for more enjoyment. You may have extra meatballs—perfect for a midweek pasta meal.